A wise choice in criminal, civil and commercial proceedings.

The documents used in legal proceedings typically include subtleties and ambiguities, or may be interpreted in different ways.

The intervention of our expert linguists, who decide which is the most direct and accurate interpretation of a text, based on an in-depth analysis in accordance with  the rules, procedures and usages of the Spanish language, can be decisive when deliberating on a case.

As philologists, languages are our area of expertise. We are able to elucidate the characteristics of a speaker or writer and clarify hundreds of cases by analyzing the following aspects of a text: Pragmatic / Hermeneutic or discourse analysis / Logical / Semantic / Grammatical text format / Orthographic text format.

In this way, we provide our clients with comprehensive, specialized services, guaranteeing a fine  analysis of juridical dissertations, which requires an extensive knowledge of communicative  expressions, their nuances and the meaning effects  they generate.